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Flats in Pataudi Road Gurgaon

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June 9, 2018
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June 14, 2018
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Flats in Pataudi Road Gurgaon

Are you looking for flats in Pataudi Road Gurgaon? What amenities are you looking for? Among other places, you might want to check out Newtown Square. It is a large complex with lots of amenities. You could live there and never leave.  Of course, no one would do that, but the point is that there are many options available. And if you do want to go somewhere else, it is convenient to three major roadways.

There is shopping right there, both food and a variety of other shops. Plus there is a swimming pool, restaurants, a food court, cinema and more.

You could both live and work in the complex since there are flats that are residential and there are also units designed for business. So, you could get 2 different properties in Pataudi Road Gurgaon, one for living in and the other for work. And you will never be uncomfortable since all the flats are air-conditioned, and in case the power goes out, there is back up power. So, no need to worry about the heat.

If you work elsewhere but need to have some meetings here, there is a business center and in addition, it has conference facilities.

The facility is also environmentally friendly. The sewage treatment plant for the complex recycles 100%. In addition, solar heating and photovoltaic lighting are used. Another major benefit is that the building is carefully designed to be earthquake resistant and it is compliant with the building codes.

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