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Increase your equity: Buy Property in Pataudi Road Gurgaon

Property in Pataudi Road Gurgaon – Get an unbiased opinion
June 14, 2018
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June 14, 2018
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Increase your equity: Buy Property in Pataudi Road Gurgaon

Gurgaon is an unusual city compared to almost anywhere else. It has basically been built by private companies. In a way, you could say that all cities are built by private companies unless you include places like the old Soviet Union and Cuba where everything is controlled by the government. Other than these exceptions, the cities are built by private companies, even things like city hall and other government buildings are paid for by the government but they bid out the actual construction to private companies.

Gurgaon is different in that it has grown so quickly that even many of the services usually provided by a government are being provided by private companies. Apparently, they felt that they could provide the services faster and more efficiently than the government. Sometimes they even got ahead of road building and did some of the paving of the roads.

Development is expanding out and property in Pataudi Road Gurgaon is following along with this same pattern. Many large multinational companies have offices or buildings in Gurgaon including HSBC, Intel, Nokia, Google,and others.

As development continues to expand and spread out to the property in Pataudi Road Gurgaon, some planning is starting to happen, but in general, the security, sewage, electricity, firefighting and other services is all being provided privately by the companies doing the building. The good side is that so far, they seem to be much more efficient than government services have been. However, coordination is needed and local government will probably have a larger role going forward.

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