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Check out the New Real Estate Destination in Pataudi Road

New Commercial Projects in Pataudi Road Gurgaon
June 14, 2018
New Real Estate Destination in Pataudi Road
June 14, 2018
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Check out the New Real Estate Destination in Pataudi Road

When you are looking to relocate, you should check out the new real estate destination in Pataudi Road. There are a number of features you might want to think about when you are looking at possible places to live or work.

First is location. Pataudi Road is not far from Delhi and even closer to the airport. It has key highways and metro transit nearby. Plus more highways are being planned or built.

Next to consider is the construction. Has the building been built to code? Does this include all the life safety measures?  Is it not only built to code but is it built as an earthquake resistant structure?

Then there are the ongoing costs and upkeep. Has the building been designed to be as green as possible? This is not only environmentally friendly but can save on heating and cooling costs. Does it use solar to help generate electricity and does it use the most up to date conservation technologies and recycling techniques?

Since utilities in the area are sometimes not reliable, are there backup systems for water, electricity, firefighting and air conditioning?

Then you get down to the details that make it special with the different amenities. Is there a pool and a gymnasium? Is it mixed use so there is shopping available? Are there restaurants and other food options including potentially a grocery store? Are there business and meeting facilities?

Of course, one assumes there will be Wi-Fi with adequate bandwidth that everyone can access it and not have the internet slow to a crawl.

If one facility had all of these features, don’t you think it would be worth checking out as one of the best the new real estate destinations in Pataudi Road?

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