Is life Good in Gurugram?

Is life Good in Gurugram?

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Is life Good in Gurugram?

Flash Back to the early’s 1990s; Gurgaon was a relatively unknown suburb of Delhi. Back then, it was small and dusty town just like thousands of other little towns across the country, its only claim to fame being its proximity to the NCR. 1990 onwards, there was a spurt of rapid development in Gurgaon due to the opening up of economy and the onslaught of multi-national corporations wanting to set up shop in India, and the lack of space in Delhi led to the shift in commercial space demand to Gurgaon. Additional advantages was the proximity to the International Airport, and a supportive State Administration system. In the following years, the results were malls, affordable homes in Gurgaon, high end restaurants and corporate offices, and this town was transformed into a sparkling and bustling metropolis….the Millennium City.

Is life Good in Gurugram

There are many questions about this city, primarily, “What is the Quality of life in Gurgaon?”As any great urban civilization evolves, the reflection of the lifestyle is an indicator of the pulse of the people and a measure of the financial and social progress. There are a great many things about this city which you will love and there are things that you will desire. Here is a look at some real positives that Gurgaon has to offer.

  • The city has great accommodation in the form of myriad condominiums, some of which are high-end and some are not so high.Villas, Plots, Independent Floors, all options are available to suit ones desires for setting up their own home. All the basic amenities are taken care of such as safety, security and basic amenities like water, electricity and more.
  • It has a large number of options for entertainment, such as Kingdom of Dreams, malls, cafes, shops, restaurants, cinemas entertainment zones and pubs.
  • Some of real estate players have their projects in Gurgaon-Tata realty, Sobha Developers, Godrej Developer, DLF Group, vatika, vipul,etc..
  • The Millennium City has emerged as hub for IT and IT-enabled services in Northern India, and large number of white-collar jobs has been created in the city.
  • Due to its close proximity to NCR, many Fortune 500 firms opened their offices here, employing many high-income professionals.
  • The construction of underpasses has helped to tackle with the congestion in certain parts of the city
  • In recent years, city has seen vast improvement in public transport, through metro, rapid metro, auto rickshaws, Uber, Ola, buses, and more if any.

Though I have painted a rosy picture of Gurgaon, but there are few grey points as well. Some of them are given below:

  • During rains, water-logging is major problem and traffic stops moving. Unfortunately most HUDA sectors previously planned are bursting at the seams and the load on infrastructure was not well planned for
  • For tourists and visitors, there isn’t much except food joints, malls and movie halls. One may wish to visit places like art galleries, museums, religious institutions, which are missing here.
  • The main areas around MG Road Mall Street are over congested and there is a paucity of new spaces which are affordable

In fact, to address the above mentioned shortcomings, the Authorities and many top private developers have been developing the area of New Gurgaon, which promises to be a much better planned and laid out infrastructure. New Gurgaon shall have all the advantages while being able to dispel the shortcomings. Sectors are being developed exclusively with public facilities and utilities such as Public Libraries and Stadiums.

In a nutshell, property in Gurgaon has ready-to-move housing projects with high value reward. As it is said that every coin has two faces, this proverb fits here because life in Gurgaon is good and somewhere you will find few things or facilities are missing, though New Gurgaon is definitely an area to watch out for.

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