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Not to be missed flats in Pataudi Road Gurgaon

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June 14, 2018
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June 14, 2018
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Not to be missed flats in Pataudi Road Gurgaon

Flats in Pataudi Road Gurgaon are following along the same pattern as in the rest of Gurgaon. As much of the land in Gurgaon has been built on or has been purchased in preparation for building, new development naturally moves outward and is doing so along Pataudi Road.

Much of the reason for the explosion in development is that a lot of red tape was cut in the 1970s regarding the land acquisition process. Before that Gurgaon had been described as an agricultural wasteland. The deregulation allowed developers to buy the land quickly and since there was no infrastructure in place at the time, the land was also cheap even though it was relatively close to Delhi.

The process started slowly but as more buildings were finished, a core was formed that could be built around more easily and the area really started to explode. Between 2001 and 2011 the population doubled from 875,000 to over 1.5 million. Now there are shopping malls and golf courses and parks.

Now, this former “wasteland” has some of the finest property in India. Walking through the gates can be like walking into another world, or anywhere in an upscale area in the United States. There are beautiful lawns, beautifully manicured and buildings with all the latest technology. Flats in Pataudi Road Gurgaon follow this pattern that was begun in the first parts of Gurgaon to be developed.

People from other countries and other areas of India are coming to Gurgaon to study how this development plan (or non-plan depending on how you look at it) has worked and is working. They are looking at attempting to try and duplicate it and hope for the rapid growth in their areas or countries as well.

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